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The Expanding Lee/Yung family

4/10/06- video of Jacky speaking and doing her tricks

3/27/06- We got together to celebrate Dave's birthday. Xander was especially silly.  The first thing he said when we got out there was "I don't like dogs".  However, by the end of the night he had warmed up to them

Here is some almost NC-17 footage of our 2 silly kids in the bathtub together

3/15/06- Aidan and Mac came down to visit for the birthday party.  They were all happy to see each other, although the girls did seem confused.  Janet went a little crazy with future blackmail pictures of Jacky, but she really thinks she's number 1.  I think Jacky just wanted to take a bath in peace.

Now that Jacky sleeps in the playpen she knows that when she is on the bed, she should try to get comfortable when she has the chance.

3/2/06-Chinese New Year Dinner.  Wasn't too painful- Xander almost got his head eaten by the lion dancers.  My parents did get called out to start off the ballroom dancing portion of the evening.  Some of the Yung clan came as well.  Several more events this past month- Xander went bowling with his uncle and friends, who all apparently are psycho.  A trip to Boston, where all the kids were happy to see each other (well... for the most part).  Back at the home front, Jack jack continues to receive articles of clothing and accessories.  She is quite the picky eater, as well as occassional comedienne.  She does have a special bond with her brother, though.

Finally, a glimpse as to how our family time is spent.

2/1/06- First, Jacky loves to copy Xander; she evens pretends to do homework with him.  Our friends from Virginia came to visit, and the kids got along well.  Xander was his usual comedian self with Anand, and the moms compared notes.  Chinese New Year was quite a big family affair.  Jacky and Aidan had a love/hate thing going, with lots of pulling and confrontations.  Jacky did her best incredible hulk impersonation, and Aidan was very worn out by the end of the weekend.

Xander also had a dinner with Harrison, where the DS was the star of the show.  Back at home, Jacky has shown herself to be quite a good eater, and no longer wants us to feed her.

She used to do this thing when the phone rang, but she doesn't anymore.  Good thing we caught in on tape.

12/27/05-Christmas time with the extended family.  Mackenzie was very smiley all weekend.  She and Jacky got along, even though they traded blows here and here.  Christmas morning was a blur of shredded wrapping paper and Thomas the tank engine.  All had a good time.  Jacky was super cranky, being sleepy, constipated and hungry all weekend.  She went looking for food herself, even.  She was much happier when we got home.  She likes to lounge in her own chair, I guess.

Some video footage: Aidan in his Thomas tunnel/tent, and Jacky monopolizing his blocks.

Jac giving Mac some luv.

Jacky's yee yees tried to entertain her (although she does not look amused).

They did inspire her to perform at home, though.

12/11/05-first some new pics of the family: Xander had fun on his birthday, especially with his new DS.  This allowed him to share his old gameboy with his sister.  Jacky soon went on to bigger and better things when her brother was at school.  She later felt guilty and had to take a bath

Karate Tournament- Xander and mom getting ready.  There was a lot of downtime, as you can see.  Janet eventually ruled the day, and posed with Samantha afterwards.

Here are the videos of the matches (all 30-50 megs)

Xander's grappling

Janet's first match

Janet's second match

The finals

10/31/05- lots of pictures this update:

First, Xander took some golf lessons (arranged by his grandpa).  He was a little shaky, but his form definitely looks a lot better than it did.

Xander got his first taste of bowling at a couple of bowling parties.  He had a good time (and check out his cool T shirt-it says master chief if you can't read it).  Other notables- Jack-jack as batman, as a muslim cleric, reprising her laundry basket picture, and showing off her gap in between her front teeth.  Xander also got to help Aidan down the aisle as his uncle's ringbearer.  He is all set to start kick-boxing soon.

The Hawaii contingent: Jacky and Cole tolerated each other, but were quite cute for the camera. Xander and Milo were bestest of buds, and had the same sense of humor.

The Denver group: Xander and Jordan also got along swimmingly.  The family's eyesight was not so good, however.

Which brings us to the Halloween party: each age group gravitated to their own activity.  For the kids, it was video games.  Please note in this picture there is only 1 person playing.  The adults got their Settlers groove on.  The women dressed up as Hogwarts students, faeries, and even Jacky got into the mood, despite a 102 fever.

And of course, we much recognize our hostess and her helpers ( by helpers I mean Linda only)

Finally, today Xander had a good time trick or treating, while batman trailed behind in the bat-wagon

10/02/05- Jacky is 1 year old: Her first party was at home, where she had cake (all she ate were the strawberries), and made new walker-friends.  Then she went to 28th street where she got this cool ride.  Mom is especially proud, cause she's got rhythm

9/25/05- old video footage: Xander's first crawling experience- he was a little younger than 1 at this time.  Xander getting down with our neighbor (I think he was about 2 and a half here).  Footage of Xander to inspire his little cousin, Aidan.

Betty is not very good at charades.  I also have footage on the ski slope from our first ski trip (with Dave Young, Betty, Simon and Herman, but that will go up later

9/22/05- Time is flying by;  Jack in her favorite place.  From cousin Judy's wedding: Mom and Jack all gussied up.  Jack being corrupted by her uncle Jason.  Xander had a good time, as you can tell by the crazed look on his face.  He also hit the dance floor and got down

Some milestones: Jacky has started copying us by saying "hi".  We were trying to get good footage of Jacky standing, but while we were waiting, she wound up taking her first steps as well.

9/10/05- The last summer fling; pics from my company picnic, including Jacky's first experience in the pool.  She enjoyed it quite a bit, although Xander almost drowned.  Dark Yee yee sent this picture of Jac jac.  Xander's first day of school, and Jacky came along for the ride

If you would like to submit a picture for posting, please email it to me, so I can use it in its original resolution.

8/26/05- Some old stuff from the kids visit in July:  xander and dashiell having some ice cream, and cadence going down a water slide which is not steep enough.  Also, Jacky and Charlotte the morning after a sleepover

Jacky is now pulling herself up, and is a very picky eater (although she likes broccoli).  She is a cutie, though, and both her mommy and big brother make her very happy

Xander getting his blue belt.

8/5/05 Highlights from the visit- Dashiell came to visit.  He took a gymnastics class

with Xander, and they both got on the ringsCadence, Dash and Jac posing.  Poor Jacky a few minutes later.  Janet with her class at karate.  Xander demonstrating here, and doing drills here.  Jacky with Charlotte.  And with Kaos and Spectre.  Finally, she is starting on her shoe collection early!

Stop the presses! 3 naked boys cooling their feet!

7/27/05- a few pics from earlier this month.  Xander and Jacky have been sleeping in the same bed lately- trying to break that habit now, though.  They do have fun together, wherever they are.  Jack started crawling this month, and she can really get around, when she feels like it.

7/2/05-  Xander's graduation.  Not much to see, but he is on stage here (all Janet can focus on is the horrible teeth of the girl sitting in front of him).  He also takes a picture with one of his close friends in his class (check out the size difference!)

Xander is happy to be off from school, and now helps around the house, and entertains the baby.  The kids pose for an action shot.

Jac-Jac's second poop on the potty!

2 videos today- Xander's first bike ride sans training wheels, and Jacky being silly while closing her eyes.

6/9/05-Yee Yee visited, and Jacky liked it!

A fun day at Rye Playland:  Jacky sat in the stroller, while Harrison and Xander rode a rollercoaster, Xander had some bumper car action.  Later, Charlotte and Jacky hung out together.

Jacky is now sleeping in her playpen- yay!

Finally, Xander is a karate kicking, board breaking fool!

5/2/05- The northern Ca trip:

Jack-Jack's first plane ride.

Visiting our friends Karen, Christian and Ryan; they live in el Cerrito and have a great view of the bay.  We witnessed Ryan's first attempt at drinking soup with a spoon.

We also went out to see Tom, Emily, Scout and Quinn in Davis.  There we went swimming, dressed up and pretended to be superheroes.

Xander was very happy to see his cousins.  They played in the back, and on the bouncer.  They had slumber parties, woke up and ate breakfast together.  Everyone was amazed at Jack-jack's size and weight (especially Cadence).  Of course, Hon could not let the occasion pass without a photo shoot.

At home, Jack got her first taste of table foods!

4/17/05- Park adventures- Jacky in the swing, and being pushed (and moving!).  Bill went to the park with us, where he had a severe allergic reaction to his dog, of all things.  Our dirty laundry.  Xander at the theater, and making Jacky laugh

3/29/05- Some pics from Boston- 3 of the new addition- nicknames so far: BB Mac, Mini Mac, Manuel.  While we were there, Xander found his new love- JelloAnd nametags.  Jacky was also quite smiley, although Craig doesn't look so enthusedXander and Aidan got along, and Xander even started teaching him the ropes.

3/22/05- Finally! A normal picture of Xander with family.  Also, it took a lot of work, but we go our first movie of Jacky laughing... sort of

3/10/05- Jacky can lift her head up (and is happy about it)- she also enjoys rice cerealXander and Jacky are both morning babies.  Yee yee came to visit us, and the kids were happy.  Xander can't be serious for any picture

2/28/05 Here is a new video of Xander dancing- kind of long, but he has a good finish.  Jacky can now lift up her head a little, as seen here.  I have also updated the side by side pictures.

2/22/05 Boston was fun for the kids.  We met up with Louisa and Max- the boys danced together and shared a funny story over lunch.  But Xander sat in Aidan's seat.

The kids and family  lounging on our new sofa!  The last chance for Jacky to wear a Xmas outfit.

Baby girl's new look: both before and after

Janet  made a hat for the baby girl, which can be seen here (but I don't think she made this one)

We finally got a pic of jumbo jack smiling!


Let's do a little side by side comparison

                                                                        Xander                        Jacky

DOB                                                               12/5/99                        9/30/04

Birth Weight                                                    6lbs 5oz                       8lbs 14oz

Favorite Food                                                  chicken wings               anything

Favorite Activity                                              Halo                            lying in bed with the family

Body Habitus                                                  small                            big

current descriptive nickname                            silly monkey                  jumbo Jac Jac


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